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Helping the disadvantaged & vulnerable in the community of Brent

Our Services.

Food Delivery

We frequently deliver food to the vulnerable at local community centres and shelters within the area. Throughout the pandemic, we have been helping the most in need at The Lewinson Center in Willesden.

Partner Delivery

Local VCSO’s and organisations can partner and work with us in delivering food, menus and cooking workshops to residents and locals.

Sports Therapy

Partnering with The Jason Roberts Foundation we provide mixed and women's only sport sessions in: Boxing, Boxercise, Yoga, Football, Circuit Classes & More!

We offer a range of services to help within the community to distribute our meals and work with volunteers to support us in cooking, prepping, packing, marketing, fundraising and delivery.

Door To Door

During the pandemic we offered a door to door service with our volunteers so those in isolation or with other mental, financial or health issues were not forgotten about. This service is a great way to get to people that may not be able to do their weeks shopping and unable to get out.

Emergency Delivery

Our emergency deliveries support those directly with shopping, medicine pickups, food and meals for those suffering and unable to leave their homes.


Support and therapy for young women affected by violence and abuse. We offer a range of counselling services from BACP registered therapists in One to One Counselling Sessions, Group Therapy Sessions


VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) Awareness and Resilience Workshops. We work with schools, community halls, local food kitchens and sports facilities to provide a range of workshops in Nutritional Workshops, Cooking Workshops, Therapeutic Workshops, Learn Listening Skills.


Help feed the homeless

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