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A referral here will allow guests to receive up to 3 emergency food parcels.

Guests will receive an Email or SMS message to inform them of our collection times and food parcel pick up location.

Sunahs Crisis Team currently provides meal delivery services within the London Borough of Brent mainly operating in Willesden Green, Harlesden and Wembley. Sunahs Crisis Team will TEXT each referral guest before the parcel deliveries informing them of the time and address to collect their parcel.

Guests will collect their parcel from either:

Lewinson Centre
167 High Road,


NW10 2SG

Tuesday AND Friday ONLY
11am - 2pm.

Delivery Service (Reduced service currently operating)

Strictly only available to guests who are unable to leave their home, self-isolating, physical or mental health burdens and have nobody that may be able to collect the parcel for them on their behalf.

We want to reach as many people as possible to help ensure the most vulnerable in the community are catered for so we encourage telling others in the community that may also benefit from our services.
If you have any questions please get in touch with our team at:


Meal Preferences
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